Red Thread

Red Thread® by BioData Solutions®

Automating bioanalytical statistical analysis and auditing

BioData Solutions develops software to automate bioanalytical processes of data auditing and statistical analysis using artificial intelligence technologies and advanced computational techniques.

Such automation brings significant time- and cost-savings, encourages standardization of processes and analysis, enables better resource management, and improves transparency among sponsors, CROs and vendors.

Current modules of Red Thread, BioData Solutions’ premier software include:

Statistical Analysis

  • Cut Point Determination Using Outlier Removal
  • Cut Point Determination Using Random/Mixed Effects Model
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Regression Parameter Optimization


  • Method Validation for Small Molecule PK
  • Sample Analysis for Small Molecule PK
  • Assay Validation for Large Molecule PK
  • Sample Analysis for Large Molecule PK
Download our poster that is co-developed in partnership with KCAS

Interested in Red Thread and its modules?

In 2022, we published a White Paper with KCAS on how artificial intelligence can impart efficiency and bring standardization in data analysis and auditing.

In 2022, we published a Case Study with Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals on how Red Thread decreased time- and cost-consumption in auditing of pharmacokinetic data for small molecule method validation, while improving data quality and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

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